A better shower for you and the planet.


Nebia by Moen™

Our newest, luxurious water saving shower.

Our mission is to bring the best, most sustainable, shower to the entire world. Nebia by Moen™ puts us closer to achieving that mission. It also enables our goal to save one billion gallons of water by 2021.

Nebia by Moen™ saves 45% of water using our patented atomization technology. That means lower monthly water bills, more water conservation, and more energizing showers. Available in 3 attractive colors, at a very attractive price.

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A modern shower for the modern world.

Nebia makes it possible to use less water and get a better shower experience.

Feels amazing

Nebia’s proprietary H2Micro™ Technology atomizes water into millions of micro drops that touch your body like a gentle massage while enveloping you in a hot-mist for a spa-like experience.

Rinses flawlessly

Similarly to a pressure washer, our engineered nozzles create powerful water pressure at close range. Simply put you could shampoo your sheepdog in a Nebia shower and easily get all the suds out.

Saves water

Nebia showers use between 45-65% less water than a standard 2.5gpm showerhead. Our mission is to save 1 billion gallons of water by 2021 by enabling household water conservation at scale.

Better for you.

Better for the planet.

Nebia has lowered water bills for tens of thousands of people and saved over 100 million gallons of water to date. Use our calculator to estimate the potential monetary and water savings impact Nebia could provide.

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Easy self-installation

No plumbers. No broken tile. If you can change a lightbulb, you can install Nebia.

Watch this install video.

Adjustable head position

Slides up and down providing a comfortable experience for people of all heights.

Multi-use wand

Use it as a hand shower, or place on the magnetic dock for a more enveloping body spray.


Seven years building an entirely new shower concept

Our team is driven by an obsessive passion for creating better experiences, as well as a core belief that we can be more responsible consumers of Earth’s most precious resources.

Our mission is to transform how people interact with water, by building innovative products that people love to use and that are better for the planet. We decided to start with the shower, where we experience some of the most intimate and restorative moments we have with water.

"Your shower will never be the same."


"The best shower in the world just got better."


"This is the most beautiful shower head I've ever seen."