A new kind of shower.

A modern shower
for the modern world

Every detail has been intentionally designed to give you a magical experience, day after day.

Feels amazing

Nebia’s proprietary H₂Micro™ technology atomizes water into millions of micro droplets, making less water feel like so much more. The experience is unlike any other, blending the best of a steam room and a traditional shower.

Rinses flawlessly

Despite their small size, our atomized water droplets are mighty. They move 3X faster than droplets from a standard shower, ensuring they effectively rinse shampoo out of even the thickest of hair.

Saves water and $

Nebia showers save between 45-65% of water compared to standard showers, setting a new standard for water savings in the home and lowering your water bill.

Better for you, better for the planet.

To date, the Nebia community has saved over 200 million gallons of water. Use our calculator to measure your impact on the world and your wallet.

Scroll down to calculate your water savings.

Total number of gallons saved

It Practically Rains Money

$226.62 saved per year

glasses of drinking water

days of heat for the average home

"Crafted from materials including aluminum, the system looks like something Apple might design, if it made bathroom hardware."

"It was definitely warm enough for me, and I like hot showers."

"To say I was impressed would be a huge understatement… This is a showerhead you notice, in all the best ways."

"The new Nebia swiveling showerhead cuts the waste without dialing back the opulence."


We’ve been awarded 5 patents and 9 international design awards:

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Your shower should be amazing, every day.