Experience Water

You’ve taken thousands of showers, but never one like this.

Step into Nebia.

Nebia is unlike any shower you’ve ever experienced. Our H2MICRO™ technology atomizes water into millions of droplets to create 10 times more surface area than a regular shower. More water comes in contact with your body leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated.

Step out rejuvenated.

Nebia gives you the best of a steam room and an invigorating shower that revitalizes your skin and your soul. The warm and cozy embrace of water makes you feel clean, refreshed, and ready to tackle your day head on.

Feel Good Feeling Good with 70% water savings

Nebia leverages advances in design and thermofluids to create a better shower experience that actually saves you thousands of gallons of water a year. With those savings, Nebia pays for itself in about a year.

Showering just became something you can wholeheartedly enjoy.

What people are saying

This is the most beautiful shower head I’ve ever seen.
Molly McHugh, WIRED
Your shower will never be the same.
Joe Gebbia, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Airbnb
Best shower of my life. Get excited!
Sam Altman, President, Y Combinator
These guys are changing an industry too - the shower industry! Also, I'd like one installed, @nebia.
John Legere, CEO, T-Mobile
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Product Details

Easy Self-installation

No mechanics. No plumbers. No broken tile. Just Nebia and you. If you can change a lightbulb, you can install a Nebia.

It Really Is Rocket Science

We incorporated technology used in aeronautical applications to optimize every aspect of our breakthrough shower nozzle, resulting in our H2MICRO™ technology. Every new iteration was made to solve a complex engineering challenge that has limited innovation for over a century.

We ❤ Big Hair

Our team of thermofluid experts have worked tirelessly to create the perfect balance of comfort, efficiency and efficacy. Translation: You can get all the shampoo out of your hair in equal time, even when you’re using 70% less water.

One Shower For Every Body

Nebia was built to accommodate everyone from basketball players to children. The 25-inch adjustable mounted sliding bracket, 45° tilt showerhead and removable mounted hand-wand work together to create a completely customizable shower experience.

It Practically Rains Money

Use our calculator to measure your impact on the world and your wallet.

Thanks to Everyone Who Took a Nebia With Us

Nebia is an idea 5 years in the making. Throughout our development we’ve had over 500 people test dozens of prototypes. A special thank you to our forward-thinking partners who invited us to test on their campuses:

Equinox Fitness, Apple, Google, and Stanford University.

King of Hearts / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

About Nebia

Nebia was started on the premise of creating great products that fundamentally change the way people think about their relationship to water in their home. Our team is driven by an obsessive passion for creating better experiences, as well as a core belief that we can be more responsible consumers of earth’s most precious resource.

The Nebia shower launched on Kickstarter in August 2015 and raised over $3M in one month. Learn more about Nebia's launch on Kickstarter here.

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Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Carlos Gomez Andonaegui

Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Brand Officer

David Shulman

Product Design Engineer

Gabriel Parisi-Amon

Co-Founder, CTO/COO

Jad Nasrallah

Mechanical Engineer

Macey Sanchez

Product Design Engineer

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Product Design Engineer

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Marketing Associate

Philip Winter

Co-Founder, CEO

Ryan Maxwell

Business Operations Manager

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R&D Engineer

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Customer Experience Manager