April Production Update

Dear Friends of Nebia,

Over the past month, we have been ramping up production, shipping an increasing number of your Nebia Shower Systems. We remain on track with the shipping schedule we presented in the February update:



Tips for Getting the Full Nebia Experience

It is no surprise that Nebia is a fundamentally different kind of shower from what you have been accustomed to all your life. While you probably rarely adjust your traditional shower, Nebia is extremely versatile. Here are a couple of pointers to make Nebia the best shower you have ever had:


Discover where the magic happens and meet our team

Over three thousand of you tuned in last month for a live tour of our office, where we introduced you to the team and you go to ask us questions. If you missed it, you can access the video here.


April social roundup

It is always a joy to receive a glimpse into the life of Nebia in their respective new homes. Here are some of our favorite comments from the past month.


If you would like to read a more in-depth blog review from two of our Kickstarter backers, check out the Chaney’s thoughts on Nebia. Here is a sample: “this is a piece of tech that CJ and I love equally – which almost never happens. The bottom line: If you like the planet and if you like to shower, you should have a Nebia."

Discussion on responsible consumerism


Our CEO, Philip, recently took the stage at FactionSF alongside leaders from Patagonia, Levi’s and Allbirds to discuss mission-driven retail. It is inspiring to have a conversation with industry leaders who are redefining what it means to build products with sustainability at the core of the company’s mission.

March Production Update

Dear Friends of Nebia,

We reached an important milestone this week: shipping our 1,000th Nebia Shower System! Thank you for the enthusiastic feedback from those of you who have already received your Nebia’s. For those of you who are still waiting, please know that we are steadily ramping up production to deliver your pledge promptly!

This update covers the following:

  • Shipping progress and schedule
  • Recap of initial feedback from Kickstarter backers
  • Announcement of the final price ($699) and the factors that went into the decision
  • Tune in for a live stream from our office on Facebook Live - Monday April 3rd at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET

Shipping update

When to expect your Nebia Shower System

We are steadily ramping up production to deliver your Nebias promptly! For orders placed on our website, you can expect your Nebia Shower System to arrive between July-August (we are shipping in the order that reservations were placed). Thank you for your patience.

Here is our shipping schedule for the Nebia Shower System:


Nebia is making waves

Every week, more Nebia Shower Systems go into the world and into your homes. We read every Tweet, Instagram post, Facebook comment, and email with the same care that a parent reads over their children’s report card. So far, we have been very proud parents. Here are a handful of the many comments that warmed our hearts.


Updated price for the Nebia Shower System (in-depth explanation on our blog)

Earlier this week we announced an increase in the final price of the Nebia Shower System to $699. Don't worry, this is only for new orders placed on nebia.com. As a Kickstarter backer, you have already secured your pledge, and you will not be charged more.

Reaching a final price for the Nebia Shower System is not a decision we made lightly. As many of you know there have been countless iterations and refinements made along the way in our pursuit of building the best possible shower experience and defining a new standard for sustainability.

We will be gradually increasing our pre-order price to reach a final price of $699 by the time we are shipping on-demand this summer. The current pre-order price of $399 will be available until next Tuesday, Apr 4th (11:59pm PT), after which we will increase to the next pricing tier. If you would like to place an order or would like to recommend Nebia to a friend, this is a great time to do so.

On our blog we have outlined the vision for our company and the in-depth reasons behind this pricing change. Below is a summary of the key takeaways:

  • Enhanced Features: The Magnetic Dock, the seamless 25” of vertical slide that doesn't require clunky buttons, the easy 10-minute self-installation mechanisms, the sustainable PVC-Free hose, the custom ressure regulator, and the cleanings caps are each major innovations in their own right. Some other companies may have saved these enhancements for the second version of the product. In the spirit of exceeding expectations, we incorporated them to the first version of the Nebia Shower System.
  • U.S. Craftsmanship: Nebia is built entirely in the U.S., to ensure the highest quality, down to the finest details.
  • A Meaningful ROI: The Nebia Shower System will save the average California home of two nearly $300/year in water and energy bills. It is also much more affordable than other shower systems when you consider the typical installation costs.
  • Cutting Out the Middlemen: The decorative plumbing industry is fraught with price distortion and unnecessary mark-ups (traditionally as much as 6-8x). By building a direct relationship with our customers we can provide the highest value at a fair price.

The true value of the Nebia Shower System

Over the course of one year, the Nebia Shower System is much more cost effective than the conventional shower system, and it keeps paying back returns after that!


Want to estimate the savings in your home? Check out our calculator.

Catch up with us: Facebook live stream on Monday 3rd April at 11:30am PT

In March 2016, we recorded our first live stream - from our garage-office in the heart of San Francisco. The participation from our community was remarkable, over 800 people joined in, and your enthusiasm and curiosity for our work provided an influx of energy that lasted weeks. We have come a long way since, our team has grown by 7 people, we moved to a bigger office (with windows!), and there are dozens of Nebia’s at every corner. Tune in for another Facebook Live Stream On Monday, 3rd April at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET for a chance to see where the magic happens and ask us your questions. We look forward to catching up directly with you!


Thank you for your continued support,

The Nebia Team

Nebia in the press

Check out the latest podcast about Nebia with our CEO Philip Winter to hear him discuss the company origins and where we are heading!

The Kind of Business We are Building

Dear friends of Nebia,

We wanted to let you know about our recent progress and the final price for the Nebia Shower System. When we launched our Kickstarter campaign 19 months ago, we were a small team with an ambitious dream: re-invent the shower experience to make it better for you and better for the planet. We knew our H2Micro technology could do just that. We were inspired when so many of you believed in our dream and pledged to help us achieve it. It’s been a long road since; of continued research, product design refinements, and building partnerships with vendors. We only have one shot if we want to change what society expects out of a shower—and we don't expect changing a deeply rooted habit will come without some resistance.

If you closed your eyes while taking a typical shower, you wouldn't be able to distinguish who built it. For the past 100 years, the plumbing industry’s extent of innovation has been to introduce new finishes. Polished nickel for the new year? Groundbreaking. We turned the experience of water on its head. But we didn’t stop there, we also re-imagined the overall design and mechanisms of a shower from scratch. Some of our greatest innovations were envisioned before our Kickstarter campaign: the 25” Sliding Arm that doesn't require knobs or buttons, the Wand, and an iconic design. More great ideas came after our campaign: the Magnetic Dock, the improved self-installation mechanism, the first of its kind sustainable PVC-Free hose, the pressure regulator, the cleaning caps (all of these ideas came while taking a Nebia, of course!). Some other companies may have saved these enhancements for the second version of the product. In the spirit of exceeding your expectations, we incorporated them to the first version of the Nebia Shower System.


When you are building a product and a company, you quickly realize how many decisions have to be taken every day. What materials do you use for over 150 parts and the packaging? Where do you source them? How many cycles and how much stress do you put on them during reliability testing to make sure they perform to your standards for years to come? How do you make sure that your team is excited for the challenges of the day? And how do you set out the building blocks for your business to have the longevity for which you strive? Many decisions have to be made every day and the values by which we abide have been our compass:

  • Excellence: Build a product that exceeds expectations in every way. For Nebia to have a meaningful impact on the world, we have to create products that are simply great and stand the test of time. We are motivated to do the impossible (or what was thought impossible) by our dedication to quality. Excellence is the product of perseverance. We do not take shortcuts, we do not overlook any detail, and we do not compromise at any point.

  • Responsibility: We are conscious that building a product inherently creates an environmental footprint. With every decision we make, we try to minimize that footprint. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Nebia and will be for years to come.

These values are present through every facet of our operations. We have spent months selecting talented and thoughtful U.S. partners for the sourcing of our materials and manufacturing of our product. When possible, we have carefully chosen recyclable materials for the Nebia Shower System and its packaging. For instance, Nebia is also the first shower product in the world to use a sustainable polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-free hose. Even now, we are dissatisfied with how much material is used in our packaging, and we are actively working to reduce it further.

When we were preparing to launch our Kickstarter campaign, we knew the Nebia Shower System would be expensive to build correctly and we estimated the initial MSRP at $399. Since then we have made numerous decisions to enhance the product and deliver an even better overall experience.

We believe sustainability also means financial sustainability. We are grateful to the incredible group of investors who share our vision and values, they have been paramount to our initial success. But going forward we won’t rely only on them for our growth. Companies must build products that their customers love. This is what provides long-term viability. This is what makes innovation thrive. This is what fuels us. We will continue to invest in meaningful innovations to deliver you more exceptional products.

To date, we have pre-sold over 15,000 Nebia Shower Systems to our existing community and we will continue ramping up production to fulfill these backorders over the next 4-5 months. During this time we will gradually increase our pre-order price to reach a final price of $699 by the time that we are shipping on-demand this summer. For those of you who have already pre-ordered a Nebia, don’t worry your price will not change. And for those of you considering purchasing a Nebia, the current price of $399 will remain available for another week until Tuesday, April 4th at 11:59pm.

The true value of the Nebia Shower System

When looking at the cost of a new shower it’s important to note that Nebia is a shower system and not a shower head. Shower heads are static and provide just one point of spray. Whereas shower systems come with an overhead spray, a hand held spray, and a sliding rail—and typically cost between $300 and $1,500. Shower systems offer a more enveloping and luxurious experience, but they require drilling into the wall and breaking tile, which means hundreds of dollars for plumbing and contractor work, not to mention the headache of all that work. With Nebia, you will be surprised at how easy it is to install by yourself, it takes on average 10 minutes. You can easily take it with you if you move to a new home and it doesn’t require any drilling into the wall. Finally, significant water and energy savings mean that the Nebia Shower System starts paying for itself with every shower you take. Below we have outlined the cost of ownership of a typical shower system versus Nebia during the first year.

Want to estimate the savings in your home? Check out our calculator.

The decorative plumbing industry is fraught with price distortions and multiple middlemen that devalue both the product and the consumer. We want to change this, and believe we can provide the best value at a fair price by creating a direct relationship with our customers. The typical shower system is produced by a major brand in a factory in Asia, who then sells it to a national wholesaler, who sells it to a regional distributor, who sells it to a showroom, who sells it to you through a contractor or designer. This means that the price you pay as a consumer has been marked up as much as 6-8x the cost of production. By cutting out all of these intermediary steps and selling directly to our customers we are able to provide a vastly improved product at a fair price.

How Nebia will reach every corner of the world

Carlos and I met through a non-profit in Mexico, and naturally our first instinct for developing Nebia was to focus on parts of the world where water scarcity and sanitation are life threatening issues, in parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We planned to develop a solution that would be extremely affordable and could be distributed to the hundreds of millions of people living in poverty. I had previously worked on a composting toilet system that did just that. However, the more research we did the more we realized that we had to start at the other end of the market if we were going to create a movement with truly global scale. Much the way that Tesla has ushered in an era of electric vehicles by starting with a small group of early adopters before moving into more mainstream segments, we plan to push the entire industry towards a sustainable standard. The technology behind atomization is expensive, so we decided to start by creating a premium product that made every aspect of the shower better. As we scale our technology over time, we plan to create new products and new solutions that can reach the entire world.

The planet is going to swell from seven and a half billion to ten billion people over the next 30 years. It’s absolutely paramount that as a society we find innovative ways to use water more efficiently. At Nebia, we plan on pioneering this new wave of innovation.

Let us be clear, the Nebia Shower System is the first of its kind, and we believe we've built the best product possible. There will be more. Over time and with scale, we will continue to make this technology more affordable.

If you decide to be a part of this movement, know that someone on our team has thought deeply about every single touch point you will have with the Nebia Shower System, designing your experience to be anything but ordinary from start to finish. Our early customers have equated Nebia to being the closest thing to having a spa within the comfort of their home.

Thank you as always for your continued support in our movement.

Philip Winter, Co-Founder & CEO

February Production Update

Last month we started shipping the first Nebia Shower Systems. Over the past month, it has been incredibly rewarding for our team to receive pictures and read enthusiastic emails from our early Kickstarter backers who have installed their units at home. We wanted to witness some of your reactions in person, so we have also been conducting hand deliveries to a number of our local backers.

We have shipped over 250 units and we will be steadily ramping up production over the next couple of months. Please continue reading below for a detailed delivery schedule.

Nebia feels right at home

Doesn’t Nebia look great in homes? Please continue sharing photos of your Nebia with us on Facebook, on twitter @nebia, or on instagram @nebiainc!

We have also received our first video review, from Kickstarter backer #64! Kid tested. Father Approved.

For a collection of first impressions, scroll to the end of this update.

Delivery Schedule

Over the past month we have been steadily producing units and shipping in small batches. As we refine our production process, the engineering team has been hand inspecting each unit before releasing for shipment. This process has yielded very good results and over the next several weeks we will be increasing our pace of production.

It will take approximately 3-4 months to fulfill all of the U.S. orders we received on Kickstarter, upon which we will start shipping pre-orders placed on our website.

Please note that we will be reaching out to you 3-4 weeks before shipping your unit(s) in order to confirm your shipping address. We are contacting customers in the order of their pledge date. We will only be shipping units with confirmed shipping addresses, and will proceed in order with the earliest orders.

If you would like to estimate when you will be receiving your order, please refer to the chart below. Please note that this is only an approximation, and we will be updating you regularly via these updates. We are doing our best to move this schedule forward. As a result some of you may receive your Nebia sooner than indicated below.

Installing the Nebia Shower System

Since day one, our ambition has been to make Nebia easy enough for you to install without the need for help from a plumber. Our mission was clear; the installation had to be sturdy enough to last for years, adaptable enough to work in a variety of bathroom configurations, and easily removable should you want to take it with you to a new house, without causing any damage to the bathroom tile.

Feedback from our early customers indicates that we achieved this mission. If you’re curious to see more, please take a look at our installation video:


Macey Sanchez: Macey joined our team as an intern last summer and recently joined full-time. She graduated from Stanford University where she earned her Bachelors and Masters degree’s in Product Design and Mechanical Engineering. While at Stanford she was also a teaching assistant in their famous Product Realization Lab - one of the coolest student led workshops in the country.

Jad Nasrallah: Jad also joined our team as an intern last summer and recently joined full-time. He recently graduated from Brown University with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. When he is not breaking Nebias for reliability testing, you can find Jad climbing in the surrounding national parks.

Ryan Maxwell: Ryan joined our team to spearhead our business operations. He previously worked in supply chain management at Apple and as a management consultant. He is a graduate of Georgetown University. After a couple of beers, you might be lucky enough to hear some of his original rap songs.


We have noticed in a few of your comments that you may need to adjust your temperature valve at a hotter setting than you normally would with your traditional shower. We wanted to bring some clarity as to why.

By atomizing water, the Nebia Shower System diffuses thermal energy around your body and the environment, creating a steam room effect. Because the droplets release their thermal energy into the environment quickly, you will notice that the water starts really hot when released, but that heat is transferred to the surrounding steam and the water becomes closer to room temperature by the time it reaches your knees. It isn’t uncomfortable, but you may want to play with your temperature valve to make Nebia feel just right for you.

But if you turn the temperature valve hotter, doesn't it mean that you waste more energy?

The short answer is no, you will still be saving significant amounts of energy.

The water coming out of any showerhead is a mixture of hot water, which comes from a hot water heater, and cold water, which comes straight from the building water supply. By turning up the temperature valve, you increase the percentage of hot water water that comes to your showerhead. Therefore, when your Nebia replaces your regular showerhead that has a higher flow rate, and the temperature valve is turned up, the percentage of water exiting the showerhead that comes from the hot water heater increases, but the total amount of water drawn from the hot water heater decreases.

For the science-lovers out there, here is how our R&D team puts it:

As an example, consider a regular showerhead with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm), running with the temperature valve set to draw 80% hot water and 20% cold water. The flow rate of hot water from the water heater in this case is 2.5 gpm * 80% = 2.0 gallons of hot water per minute. Now consider a Nebia shower system, running at a flow rate of 0.7 gpm, with the temperature valve set to draw 90% hot water and 10% cold water. Now, the flow rate of hot water from the water heater is 0.7 gpm * 90% = 0.63 gallons of hot water per minute. In this example, the total water savings when using Nebia are (2.5 gpm - 0.7 gpm) / 2.5 gpm = 72%, and the hot water savings are (2.0 gpm - 0.63 gpm)/2.0 gpm = 69%.

The amount of energy required to heat water is proportional to the volume of water that is heated. Therefore, a 69% reduction in the volume of hot water used during a shower also corresponds to a 69% reduction in the energy required to heat the water for that shower.

Here is a selection of the many positive notes that made us smile:

“Just tried the new Nebia shower and was totally blown away (pun intended).” - Jonah G.

“Wow that.. Was a fantastic shower! Worth the money, the wait, and the stupid effort to get it installed. (not their fault, old homeowners were just idiots when they did the bathroom tile)” - Dan H.

“Overall- I LOVE my Nebia, and so does the whole family, including the kids! Will be buying 2 more for the other bathrooms in the house. Thanks Nebia!” - Maria H.

“Just installed mine. Thanks for the experience. Nebia really renewed my faith in Kickstarter." - Kavev S.

“My Nebia shower has finally arrived!! And boy was it worth the wait! The build quality is amazing. The care, thought and love that the Nebia team has put into this product is evident from the beautiful packaging to the stunning engineering to the seamless installation. It is clear the team spent a lot of time manufacturing and testing this product because it has worked without a hiccup. If Steve Jobs had designed a shower head this is what I imagine it would have looked like. More on the installation. I was genuinely shocked how easy the installation is. I have no experience with plumbing and I was a bit scared with the idea of taking out my existing shower head and installing the Nebia system. It took a matter of 10 minutes. The Nebia team laid out very simple instructions and gave enough parts to fit almost any shower setup. Very impressed! In terms of the shower experience, the sensation is great, it feels "premium" compared to your typical shower head. Your skin feels great afterwards. The pressure switch is also very useful as it allows you to adjust the water strength to your liking; important to note that the force of the water is stronger than I expected. Lastly, the wand is great if you are in a hurry. Amazing product, I have already recommended that my friends and family all buy one. Thank you Nebia!” - Michael S.

“I was backer 384 and received received mine today. Set-up was an absolute breeze and I just had my first Nebia shower around an hour ago. I had high hopes and this definitely lived up to my expectations. My wife said my skin and hair both looked better than usual, for whatever it's worth.” - Daniel D.

“It is a very satisfying experience and is exactly what I expected from nebia’s descriptions. It feels soft, yet still forceful enough to get all the soap/shampoo off. The mist does feel cooler at the bottom so I do have the temperature coming out a little hotter than I used to in order to achieve an overall warm sensation. My wife is recovering from surgery and needs to shower sitting for a couple more weeks, so it has been a real help to her. She raves about the experience. As mentioned somewhere the shower does take longer to warm up because there is less water flow (saving money!) so today I turned on the hot water at the sink to clear the line of cold water. Now I can step into a warm mist right from the start. All-in-all we are extremely happy with our Nebia. It is real and we love it!!!!!!!” - David H.

“Life changing! My shower feels like a spa! you guys need a referral system because I can’t stop recommending it to people.” - Federico S.

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the Nebia! I have experience with low flow shower heads, and they generally really **. I was able to wet my hair all the way through as fast as I could with my old shower head. Also, the soft misty noise it makes is amazing.” - Katie G.

"I like how long hot water lasts now. Can take very long showers. Never runs out.” - Vladimir M.

“It's absolutely the best looking shower head, and beautifully engineered. I especially love the height adjustability. The water savings is also a big plus.” - Debbie S.

“Looks like a mist but it does not feel like a mist. New kind of shower experience that one word can not describe.” - Christopher L.

“Was very surprised with the overall result. No trouble rinsing or getting shampoo out of my hair. Was expecting it to take longer.” - Daniel K.

“It was a much more immersive experience than I used to have while showering. The water pressure is definitely enough to rinse, but also feels incredibly light and all encompassing in a great way.” - Andrew S.

“It really is like walking in a mist. At first I was dubious I would be able to get as clean, but after the shower is over, I found that I feel deeply cleansed and energized.”- Andy P.

The First Nebia Shower Systems Have Shipped!

We are incredibly excited to announce that today we shipped the first batch of Nebia Shower Systems!

The packages are coming straight from our manufacturing facilities in the Midwest where our team has been working day and night alongside our manufacturing partner. We are very grateful for your support and for helping us get to this point. We would not be here without you. Thank you!

Nebia started as a father and son project over 6 years ago. We are now a team of 13 people, introducing a new product to the world with over 10,000 initial backers and customers. It has been a wild ride to get here, however this is just the beginning. Our mission is to transform how people interact with water in their daily lives, and the Nebia Shower System is just the first step. We can’t wait to hear from each of you as you receive your pledge and start showering with Nebia.

Over the coming months we will continue to ramp-up production, and will ship the units in the order in which they were received. Please note that it will take between 3-4 months to manufacture and deliver all of the units that were reserved. Over the next month we will provide a more detailed schedule about when you can expect to receive your order. In the meantime we will continue to ship units out each week as they come off the assembly line.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you for your support, your encouragement, and for your kind words. Thank you also to the beta testers out there who have graciously offered us their time and invited us into their homes.

This is only the beginning of a very exciting journey, and we can’t wait for the Nebia Shower System to be in every backer’s home!

Here are some pictures from today!


Carlos, Gabe, and Philip