December Production Update

As 2016 comes to a close, we wanted to send a summary of the year and look ahead to 2017.

First off we wanted to let you know that due to some last minute delays in our supply chain over the past two weeks, we have not yet started shipping the Nebia Shower System. First deliveries are now scheduled to start shipping during the 2nd half of January. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, however we want to assure you that we are working around the clock to deliver a product in which we have full confidence.

On a different note, we are pleased to announce that the Nebia Shower System has passed the ASME A112.18.1 standard that all showers need to pass to be sold in the U.S. and is now certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

For more details please read the full update below.

Shipping update

We are on the brink of shipping the first Nebia Shower Systems to our Kickstarter backers. We had planned to deliver the first units before Christmas, however we ran in to some last minute challenges with our supply chain- Two of our subcomponent suppliers were not able to deliver on time and a challenge with one of our subassemblies has pushed back our first deliveries to next month.

Our team was on site at our contract manufacturing facility last week working through these final obstacles and getting the assembly line geared up. All of our final components are now in-house and as soon as we feel confident with component and assembly quality inspection we will begin shipping.

The first shipments will go out in the 2nd half of January, and we will be sure to keep you informed when we have updates. As we have announced in previous updates, the mass production ramp up process will take a couple of months, meaning that shipping of all units will take approximately 2-3 months from the time we start delivering the first units.

Year in summary

We began 2016 with a team of just 7 full-time team members, and we close the year with 13 full-time team members. This year, over 3,100 people have joined our backer community by pre-ordering the Nebia Shower System. Most importantly we have completed the design and manufacturing development phase and are nearly ready to start shipping the first Nebia product.

Early in 2017 we will ramp up to full mass production and shift gears to work on growing our partnerships and sales efforts.

Coming up next month

Our engineering team will continue to work closely with our contract manufacturer in the Midwest to perform quality inspection and pack up final units as we get ready to start shipping. In addition, we will continue reaching out to all of our Kickstarter backers to confirm addresses. If you have not heard from us yet, don’t worry we will be sending reminders to update your address throughout the month of January. Please note that final address confirmation is mandatory before we ship you your unit; this is to ensure that we don’t deliver to out-of-date addresses.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support. From the thousands of you who backed us during our campaign, to the countless backers who have visited our office and invited us into their homes for beta testing, we have very much enjoyed building the foundation of Nebia alongside you.

Hoping you all have a good holiday season and we wish you a Happy New Year! We can’t wait to start 2017 off by shipping you your Nebia Shower Systems.

Best regards,

Carlos, Gabe, and Philip

November Production Update

Throughout November, the Nebia office has been a filled to capacity with units used for mechanical and user testing.

As we indicated in our previous update, we have been conducting our final round of reliability, environmental, and user testing for the past month. After the Engineering Validation Testing (EVT) phase in September, we identified a few key areas for improvement in our manufacturing process and product reliability tests. The Design Validation Testing (DVT) phase demonstrated that we have solved the open issues.

Over the past few weeks, we have conducted extensive testing in Kickstarter backers’ homes across the country. Their feedback evaluates key components of the Nebia Shower System and provides insight into crucial improvements, ranging from the unboxing experience to the installation instructions to the performance of the product in a wide variety of different shower stall configurations.

Shipping Update

We are incredibly excited to start shipping your Nebia Shower Systems. Each of you have been a vital part of the journey to bring the Nebia vision to reality.

We plan to start shipping the first Nebia Shower Systems to our earliest Kickstarter backers before Christmas. Upon shipping the first units, it will take two to three months to ship to every Kickstarter backer. We will be shipping units in the order in which they were received, starting with the first backers.

We do not currently have an estimated ship date by backer number. As soon as we have this information, we will make it available to each of you so that you have a better estimate of when you should expect your Nebia Shower System. Please know that we are doing everything we can to deliver you the best product we possibly can as soon as we possibly can.

DVT Testing

For DVT, we repeated all of the reliability and environmental tests we ran during EVT including the tests that units had passed previously (for a detailed overview of those tests, please refer to our September update). With the conclusion of these tests, we move on to Production Validation Testing (PVT) and mass production units and shipping to our backers!

DVT units that have been inspected by our engineering team and are ready to go out into the field for beta testing. Our office overflowed with test units—nothing that a couple of ladders and 2x4s couldn’t solve.

Magnetic Dock

We’re excited to announce that the Magnetic Dock has been enhanced for a more seamless user experience.

Back in January, we announced that the Dock would be magnetic to make the positioning of the Wand spray more versatile. The original design was composed of a two part mounting system. Soon after, we revisited and enhanced the mechanism by mounting and pivoting the Wand directly on the Dock (without requiring a second pivoting plate). This enhancement allows for a wider range of motion, a smoother feel, and fewer components than our previous design.

Your Nebia Shower System will now ship with the upgraded Magnetic Dock - the first of its kind in shower systems. Already some of our beta testers have described this as their favorite feature! Take a look below to see for yourself.

The Magnetic Dock allows for you to position the Wand in multiple orientations, pivoting up to 60 degrees from side to side.

The Magnetic Dock allows for you to position the Wand in multiple orientations, pivoting up to 60 degrees from side to side.

The making of the Dock.

Packaging Design

When we designed our packaging, we had one key mandate: to minimize the environmental impact of the materials used to deliver the product. As you will see when you receive your unit(s), the Nebia Shower System is large and requires a large box to protect it. The mere size of the box meant we had to be extra diligent about minimizing excess material.

The evolution of our packaging from sketches to a developed design.

We are proud to report that almost the entire package is recyclable. The only exceptions are a handful of foam dividers used for extra cushioning.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been conducting multiple rounds of drop, vibration, and compression testing of the packaging, to make sure your Nebia Shower System arrives it perfect condition after its journey to your home.

Coming Next Month

In December, we will work with our manufacturing partner to make sure that all of the components and assemblies that go into making your Nebia Shower System have been checked to meet our tolerance and quality control standards. Once we have completed the review and feel confident in all of the components, we will begin shipping the first Nebia units!

October Production Update

This past month, we have focused on building and inspecting Design Validation Testing (DVT) units and we are really excited with the progress made since our last production run. The purpose of DVT is to meticulously inspect and adjust the cosmetic details of the Nebia Shower System including, but not limited to, the colors, the textures, the accuracy of the parting lines, the fit between different materials, the gaps, and the UX details. The Nebia Shower System will live in your home for many years and we want every last detail to be perfect.

In the past couple of weeks we have built 150 units with the exact look and feel we have designed. This is the first time that all of the cosmetic details and the engineering mechanisms are manufactured and assembled on the same unit. Over the next 3 weeks, these units will go through the same rigorous reliability, environmental, and user testing that EVT units went through.

Shipping update

As we announced last January, we will begin shipping at the end of this year, in December. However, ramping up to full production volumes and manufacturing over 10,000 units will take us approximately two and a half months. Mass production is set to begin shortly after Thanksgiving and shipments will be based on the order in which the pledges were received, starting in December with our earliest U.S. Kickstarter backers with the remainder shipping in January and February.

We understand this news may be disappointing to some people, but we want to ensure you we are set to deliver you the best product we possibly can.

Behind the scenes at our partner's manufacturing facility

We are proud to build Nebia in the U.S. This decision has allowed us to maintain the highest quality of craftsmanship and manufacturing, reduce our environmental footprint, and ensure that we are providing jobs that are both fair and rewarding.

There are over 150 individual parts in the product, making the assembly process complex and extremely detail oriented. Over the past two production runs, our manufacturer has been refining the assembly process for the Nebia Shower System and we are very proud of their results. Our engineering team works hand-in-hand with them at every step and we hope to build a long-term partnership.

Presenting the Nebia Cleaning Caps

Many of you have asked about how Nebia operates in locations with hard water. We have tested Nebia with extremely hard water and the results indicate that the effect on Nebia is similar to that of standard shower heads. If you live in an area with hard water, Nebia will likely need to be cleaned at a similar frequency as your current shower head. This is because the average orifice size in the Nebia Shower System is similar to that of a standard shower head. However, we were dissatisfied with the typical method used for cleaning shower heads, which involves wrapping a plastic bag around the shower head. We knew this experience could be improved upon.

We are excited to announce the Nebia Cleaning Caps: custom designed caps that snap right on to your Nebia Head and Nebia Wand, making it easy for you to use recommended cleaners without any hassle. Each of our Kickstarter backers and early customers will receive both cleaning caps complimentary with their order.

Head and Wand Cleaning Caps

Beta tester reaction of the month

"I loved it, I'd like to come in to your office and shower every morning until I get mine." - A.J.O.

Coming up next month

In November we will be conducting our final round of reliability, environmental, and user testing. We will also be wrapping up the design of our packaging and installation instructions. We look forward to keeping you updated as we hone in the finishing touches on your Nebia Shower System and we begin the shipping process.

September Production Update

Weather update from the Nebia office: it is hot and humid!

The past month has been incredibly exciting in the office as we are now swimming in Nebia Shower Systems! As a matter of fact, we are running out of room for them. When we sent you our last update, our engineering team was at our manufacturing partner in the Midwest, hand assembling the first Nebia showers and troubleshooting as challenges came up.

We are proud to report that we have produced our first batch of Nebia Shower Systems—over 50 units. As you may know, these first units are called EVT units (Engineering Validation Testing). They are built with the explicit purpose of validating that all of the parts, all of the mechanisms, and all of the features meet our exacting standards. To do so, the units have been divided between reliability, environmental, and user testing.

Please read below for a more in-depth review of what we have been working on.

Shipping update

We are on track to begin shipping Nebia in December of this year, starting with the Kickstarter community that made Nebia a reality. Prior to shipping we will reach out to each of you to ask you to confirm your address — We wouldn’t want your Nebia Shower Systems to end up at an old address. We will continue to write updates each month to make sure you know exactly where we stand in the process and when you should expect to receive your Nebia. Stay tuned!

Reliability Testing

To test 10,000 to 100,000 cycles of the different Nebia mechanisms, we had to choose: robotic fixtures or tired Nebians.

In crafting Nebia, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to create a product of the utmost quality and superior performance. This is why we have adopted rigorous testing practices from leading technology companies. We test our moving components and fluidics systems continuously for days, running between 10,000 to 100,000 cycles depending on the component. We built robotic fixtures to run these tests in order to simulate the lifespan of the product in your homes. To avoid wasting water while running these tests, we have also built a water recirculation system to recycle water during the course of our fluidics tests. We are testing for mechanical reliability in our office; chemical and environmental tests have been conducted at an outside lab.

Below is a list of some of the tests we have been running.

1. Mechanical Testing:

  • Sliding Mechanism: 10,000 cycles to simulate a user adjusting Nebia to their height during every shower.
  • Head Switch: Units were tested to pass 10,000 cycles, with one unit surpassing 80,000 cycles. After an analysis we found two surfaces that rubbed against each other, making it difficult for the switch to actuate. We have already made a design change to solve this problem.
  • Wand Switch: All units passed 10,000 cycles and some even passed 50,000 cycles with perfect functionality.
  • Head Swivel: All units passed 10,000 cycles with some exceeding 40,000 cycles.
  • Install Reliability: All units were tested for 20 installations, while some were installed over 60 times. We’ve made some changes to the install locking mechanism to make it more reliable and more apparent for you to know when it is securely installed.
  • Wand Drop Test: Wands were tested from 8 different drop orientations from 1 meter onto a granite block.
  • Accelerated Life Cycle Test: Units were switched on and off for 12,000 cycles at double the water pressure found in an average U.S. household (90 PSI).

2. Environmental Testing:

The EVT units were exposed to various environments and chemicals to simulate how Nebia holds up in both common and extreme environmental conditions. We then take the units apart to assess if any changes are needed.

  • Heat Soak: Units were exposed for 72 hours at 90% relative humidity, 65° Celsius / 149° Fahrenheit.
  • Salt Spray: Units were sprayed with a salt water spray for 72 hours.
  • Temperature and Humidity Cycling: Units were cycled every 6 hours between ambient conditions and heat soaked conditions (90% relative humidity, 65° Celcius / 149° Fahrenheit).
  • Chemical exposure: Various common household cleaners were applied on different parts of the Nebia Shower System. The units were then put through heat soak to see how the chemicals interact with the different materials in the Nebia system.

3. User Experience Testing

For the past few weeks, early backers who signed up for our beta program got to meet members of our team and install the first Nebia Shower Systems in their own homes.

These beta testers help us refine our installation guide and give us tremendously helpful feedback on the Nebia shower experience.

Average install time for this round of beta units: 19 minutes

We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone, seeing a varying ranges of shower configurations, and answering questions along the way.

Here’s some of the beta testing feedback that made us smile:

“The instructions are very straightforward, even for someone not experienced with installing plumbing. Also, the various sizes of parts to address different installation environments as well as attention to detail in terms of features and tools to aid in the installation made it very easy. […] The Nebia shower envelops your body in droplets of water for a luxurious shower experience. At the same time you feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you're doing your part for water conservation.” - Patrick M.

"Felt like I was showering at some luxury spa. The shower head was extremely efficient at rinsing shampoo, conditioner, and soap.” - Anna K.

Coming in October

Next month, we will switch gears to DVT (Design Validation Testing). We will be ramping up production to produce approximately 200 units. At this stage, we expect the units to be validated from a functional point of view, and hone the consistency of all of the finishes, colors, and industrial design aspects. We will run all of these units through extensive reliability testing once again.

Our engineering team will be working side-by-side with our manufacturing partner to assemble units and make final modifications as we inspect the units that come off the assembly line. As soon as we have the first DVT units, we will reach out to more of you who signed up to be beta testers for a final round of beta testing.

August Production Update

Dear friends of Nebia,

We have a very exciting update this month! When we sent you our last update, we had finished building the first manufacturing tools that will be used for mass production. Since then, all of the tools have been sampled, tuned and produced the parts used to build the Nebia System. This marks an important milestone, as we have the first Nebia shower systems built entirely at our manufacturing facilities.

We are currently in the EVT phase (Engineering Validation Testing), where we will be aggressively testing the first batch of 75 units. These units will be split between user testing (to be used in homes) and reliability testing (where we will be using environmental chambers, professional labs, custom cycle testers and fixtures to conduct accelerated life testing).

Our entire engineering team (6 Nebians) has been on site at our manufacturing facility for the past two weeks assembling these units and working through obstacles as they come up. Every major component within the Nebia system has its respective reliability test. As is to be expected at this stage we've run into a couple of challenges so far, and the engineering team has worked quickly with our manufacturers and vendors to address and fix them.

For us at Nebia, reimagining every detail of the shower system was imperative to be able to create a truly innovative product. This intricate degree of customization also adds several degrees of complexity, which can be seen in the 103 parts in Nebia that are made custom for this product. As we assemble the first 75 units using mass production intent parts, we see the manifestation of this complexity. In order to ensure quality, we have to validate each one of the custom parts and bring them together so that they work in harmony.

We believe that truly innovative products pave new paths, even in the details “under the hood” that most people never see. We think you will be pleasantly surprised once you unbox your Nebia and can feel the attention to detail for yourselves.


Tyler Moser: We are excited to announce that Tyler has joined our team as a Customer Experience Manager. Tyler is a self proclaimed early adopter, and is always in the know about the newest and coolest products coming to market. As such, he has a refined appreciation for what it takes to make a truly great user experience. He has worked more than 8 years building and managing teams of customer experience representatives. Tyler will be leading our in-home user beta testing for local Kickstarter backers starting next month. If you signed up back in the January Update you might be hearing from Tyler soon!


  • Next month we will be conducting a series of in-home beta tests with local Kickstarter backers using our new EVT units! We will be reaching out directly to participants who already signed up to coordinate the tests.

  • We will also be honing in the final details on the packaging design and be conducting drop testing, to make sure that Nebia will be as safe as it can be on its way to its new home.

Thanks for your continued support!

All the best,

  • The Nebia Team