Simple Eco-Activities to do with Dad this Father’s Day

Simple Eco-Activities to do with Dad this Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, the best gift you can give your dad is spending time with him. These days, the younger generation is well aware that we’re facing an environmental crisis. But sometimes the older generation needs a reminder. Dad taught you so much growing up, now it’s your turn to pass on your environmental savvy and remind him it’s never too late to care about the environment. These eco-friendly activities will help you get started.

1. Get outside!

Catch up with Dad on a nature walk, hike, or bike ride. Brownie points if you pick up trash along the way.

Two adult feet and smaller feet wearing boots going on a hike

2. Enjoy a vegan or vegetarian meal together

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by cutting meat and dairy out of your diet. If your dad is a meat-lover, challenge him to try a dish such as meatless meatballs. In the words of one reviewer, “I was skeptical that these could be as good as the real deal, but I stand corrected.” Here are some more delicious vegan recipes that just might convert even the most skeptical dads.

If Dad can’t go without his meat on Father’s Day, propose a 100 mile meal. The trick is to prepare a meal using only food grown and raised within 100 miles of your home as local food utilizes less resources for transport and has a smaller carbon footprint.

Man and child eating a meal together and laughing

3. Plant a tree

As the proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Each time you or Dad pass the tree you planted, you’ll remember your Father’s Day spent together and how you did something good for Planet Earth.

4. Conduct a home energy audit

This might not be the most fun activity but we bet Dad will be excited about the $ savings! Here’s a handy checklist to get you started. One quick switch is to replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (they use one third of the energy and last as much as 10 times longer!).

Also, *shameless plug*, consider swapping out your current shower head with a Nebia Shower. In addition to saving up to 50% of water, installing a Nebia Shower can also mean significant savings on your water and heat bill. In fact, the average American family of 4 will save 10,000 gallons per year with Nebia by Moen Quattro. In many places, that translates to water and energy savings of over $300.

Use our Water Savings Calculator to measure your impact on the world and your wallet. We bet he’ll like what he sees!


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