Nebia teams up with Brock O'Hurn

Nebia teams up with Brock O'Hurn

We recently teamed up with actor, fitness trainer, and producer Brock O'Hurn on a campaign for the new Nebia by Moen Quattro. Brock's life motto is "If you can, leave the world better than how it found you." 🌍

As an outdoor enthusiast who lives in drought-stricken California, Brock knows just how important water is. In his words, “We are all connected to water in one way or another… We are all made of it. Without it all life as we know it ceases to exist.” So when he find out about Nebia, and our mission to save 1 trillion gallons of water by 2030, he was excited to join the movement.

Brock loves the fact that something as simple as changing your showerhead can allow you to make a big impact. As he says, "You can make a positive change and it all starts in the shower." We couldn't agree more! 

In addition to being 6'7 (2 meters) tall, Brock is known for his extremely long locks. At first, Brock was skeptical that a Nebia shower would be strong enough to wash shampoo out of his long hair. So we had him put Quattro to the test. Seconds after stepping under the spray, he discovered that Nebia’s micro spray technology provides a powerful jet which works for all types of hair… even his!

See for yourself below. 👇

Brock is also a big fan of our new Quick-Dry Earth Mat. As he says, "Between the low profile and how fast it dries I don’t ever want to go back to fabric.” We know the feeling Brock! 🙌

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