Building a Bamboo Jungle Shower

Building a Bamboo Jungle Shower

Ever wanted to build your own outdoor shower? Us too! Keep reading to find out how Kristen and her husband built the outdoor shower of their dreams on their land in Costa Rica.

But first, some back story:

Kristen and Siya are an adventure seeking, world traveling, tiny home living couple behind the Hopscotch The Globe brand. Originally from Canada, in 2020, they purchased half an acre of land in a new eco-community in Costa Rica. But before moving to Costa Rica they sold their house and moved most of their family’s belongings into a 1976 Airstream called Luna. 

Kristen, Siya, their 3-year old daughter and dog Atlas spent all of 2021 and part of 2022 traveling around Canada and the USA in Luna. Their incredible road trip ended in Florida, where they shipped their Airstream and everything inside to Costa Rica. Living in Costa Rica sounds like a paradise but there was one caveat – everything they built on the land had to be designed and built from scratch. 

Woman and child in jungle shower made of bamboo

When starting to plan the layout of their land, the first thing Kristen and Siya agreed on was an outdoor shower. This was a childhood dream for Kristen and Siya and, in their words, “It would be just WRONG to move to a tropical paradise and NOT build an outdoor shower.” We completely agree!!

After searching for inspiration on Pinterest, they finally found their ideal outdoor jungle shower. They knew they wanted to build their shower out of bamboo because it’s a sustainable building material, very durable, and grown locally in Costa Rica. They wanted their shower to be beautiful, but also made in an environmentally conscious way. With that in mind, they immediately thought of Nebia.

Kristen has been a fan of Nebia for a few years now, and they even installed the Nebia by Moen Spa Shower in both their house in Canada and their Airstream! Watch as they turn their tiny washroom into a Moroccan-inspired spa here.

Woman showering in jungle shower, with Nebia quattro showerhead

Having enjoyed their Nebia by Moen Spa Shower the last few years, they were very excited to try Nebia’s latest shower head – Nebia by Moen Quattro. Siya decided to take on the build himself and was able to design, plan and complete it in a couple of days. Watch their dream go from idea to reality here!

Collage of Nebia by Moen Quattro Showerhead in Oil Rubbed Bronze and The Nebia Double Shelf in Matte Black

Nebia products included: Nebia by Moen Quattrothe Nebia Double Shelf, Self-Care Kit and The Nebia Towel Set to complete their outdoor jungle shower. 

We are obsessed with how their bamboo jungle shower turned out. After all, there's nothing like showering in the great outdoors, especially with a Nebia Shower!

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