From Challenges to Change: Celebrating International Women’s Day

From Challenges to Change: Celebrating International Women’s Day

This year's theme for International Women's Day is "Choose To Challenge," and we couldn't think of anything more suitable. It's certainly been a challenging year, and even more so for women (McKinsey & Company) who are particularly vulnerable to covid-19–related economic effects because of existing gender inequalities.

Yet despite this, women across the world have continued to forge a way forward for gender equality amidst the pandemic, whether starting new businesses, working on the front lines of covid-19, or breaking gender stereotypes in the home.

Take a recent example, when 31-year-old Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd became the youngest female ever to take her company public. In doing so, she joined just 20 other female founders who have done the same and became the world's youngest self-made female billionaire.

A seat at the table is no longer the main motive here; women are reconstructing the entire boardroom. Out with the old, in with the female. ♀️


At Nebia, we are continuously inspired by female-led companies. We have made it a point to cultivate connections with female founders over the years and to learn from their POV.

One brand in particular that speaks to our ethos (and is just downright awesome) is Meant, founded by Lindsay Knaak-Stuart. Meant is an organic brand that makes multi-purpose body care products that nourish your skin and simplify your routine.

What makes a brand even more special? The story behind it. And you can't tell the story of Meant without the personal history of its founder, Lindsay.

In a nutshell... "While struggling with infertility and desperately seeking answers... Lindsay grew increasingly aware of and concerned with the products she was using to clean her home and with what she was putting on and in her body… Skin and body care was a harder makeover as organic products didn’t produce the results Lindsay was looking for. And as a self-described product junkie with a weak spot for well-designed, good-smelling products, she found the natural market was more geared at her college hippie self. Fast forward, and now a visibly aging mother of two toddlers with approximately three minutes to herself every morning, Lindsay still likes products; craves results even more; wants to be pampered, and needs those three minutes to work like hell." (Meant)

Thus, the birth of Meant.


If you'd like to learn more about Lindsay, we recently had the pleasure of chatting with her on IG LIVE about her journey starting a multi-purpose body care company and how she makes time for self-care as a busy mom and entrepreneur!

Aside from Meant, there are countless women who are crushing it in the entrepreneurial space, bringing innovative products to market and shattering the glass ceiling in the process. Below, we've listed a handful of boss-ladies who inspire us. We think they (and so many other amazing women out there) deserve a major shout-out:

This International Women's Day let's choose to challenge ourselves to lift one another up and celebrate the inspiring, bad-ass women in our lives not just today, but every day. 

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