How We Made The Nebia Towel

How We Made The Nebia Towel

What Is Refibra And Why Did We Choose That Process

After years of searching, we came across a sustainability minded luxury towel manufacturer, Venus, and a pioneering textile company from Austria called Lenzing. Together, we set out to make the world’s first towel made from repurposed pre and post consumer recycled textiles.


For years, Lenzing has been refining a new upcycling textile process. The material is made with the breakthrough REFIBRA™ technology, which takes textiles destined for the landfill and combines it with sustainably harvested wood and cotton to create a surprisingly soft, and extremely robust, new fiber. 


The Refibra Process - A closed loop


Lenzing has a history of working with other innovative clothing companies such as Patagonia, Lululemon, and Levis… but the fibers have never been soft enough nor possessed the right qualities for a towel, until now. 


How It's Sustainable 

The Nebia Towel at the forefront of brings the next-generation of sustainable textile production. It’s made from a combination of 30% upcycled textiles and 70% sustainably grown cotton and is soft on the skin, absorbs water effectively, and is perfectly plush. But this is just the start. 

The Nebia Towel is made of 30% upcycled textiles and 70% sustainably grown cotton.

Our goal is to increase the percentage of upcycled material in our towels. If we are successful, together, we can usher in a new textile economy, one that is circular instead of linear, and drastically reduce the amount of textiles that end up in landfills every year. 

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