Nebia 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Nebia 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

When thinking about what to give your loved ones (and yourself) for the holiday season, there are a couple useful questions to ask yourself:

  1. Will they/I really use it?
  2. Will it improve their/my life in some way?
  3. Was it made responsibly?
  4. Is it made to last?
  5. Is this a brand I feel good about supporting?

We have put together this holiday gift guide to help you “buy less, choose well, and make it last” as the iconic Vivienne Westwood says. In this gift guide you will find some of our favorite brands. These companies are like-minded companies that have great respect for people and our planet. 

The Self-Care Guru 🧖‍♀️

For the friend who loves to treat themselves.

1. Beast Box

Why we love it: This box is filled with everything you need for some much-needed self-care. From body wash to body lotion, this set will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Even better? The aluminum pump Beast Bottle helps you cut down on plastic waste and they are dedicated to being planet-, animal- and skin-friendly.

2. Onsen Bath Robe 

Why we love it: The only thing that might be better than lounging in a robe all day, is lounging in an Onsen Bath Robe all day. These robes are perfect for both men and women and were designed for comfort. 

3. Nebia Self Care Kit

Why we love it: Glowing, smooth skin awaits with our Self-Care Kit. Incorporating these three products into your shower or self-care routine leads to smoother skin and many health benefits, such as naturally detoxifying your body.

The Eco-Friendly Enthusiast 🍃

For your eco-conscious loved one who is always looking to make sustainable swaps.

1. Allbirds: The Tree Dasher for men and for women

Why we love it: Allbirds’ Tree Dasher reimagines the running sneaker with durable and breathable Tree material. It’s the perfect gift for the runner on your list or that friend who wants to become more active in the New Year. Check out Allbirds’ inspiring sustainable initiatives here

2. Quick-Dry Earth Mat

Why we love it: Imagine a world where your bath mat never gets moldy, never has to be washed, and dries in just minutes! The best part is that it is not just for your bathroom, it can be used in the kitchen as a drying rack for dishes or at your front door for wet boots.

3. Bloombox

Why we love it: Bring a little slice of nature indoors with Bloombox, a company on a mission to make gardening accessible for everybody. They source their plants from local growing partners and we're swooning over their selection for the holidays.

The Home Body 🏠

We are all spending more time at home these days, but no one loves their home like you do. These products are for anyone who wants to elevate and detoxify their sanctuary.

1. Nebia by Moen

Why we love it: A winner of this year’s IDSA Design Award, the Nebia by Moen shower system will instantly elevate any bathroom and turn it into a luxurious spa. With 17” of vertical slide, a tiltable showerhead, and swiveling arm, you can customize it just to you and enjoy a longer shower with zero guilt.

2. Wool rug by The Artisan Craft Company

Why we love it: Cozy rugs are a holiday must-have and these wool rugs from the Artisan Craft Company will not disappoint. This social enterprise supports artisanal traditions and fair trade practices in Nebia’s home country of Mexico and their high-quality handcrafts are top-notch.

3.Molekule Air Purifier

Why we love it: Molekule's Air Purifier combats bacteria, viruses, mold and more to ensure you are breathing in clean and pure air. With Molekule, you can spend the holidays feeling your best and at peace knowing you are breathing in air that is the best for your body.

For the entire family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Gifts everyone is sure to love.

1. Nebia Adjustable Shower Arm with a Quattro Rainshower

Why we love it: The new Quattro Rainshower paired with our Nebia Adjustable Shower Arm (NASA) will 10X your family’s shower experience. With 18” of motion, NASA allows each member of the family to move Quattro to whatever height is best for them. Plus, with four unique and powerful spray modes Quattro will be sure to please everyone!

2. For Days

Why we love it: For Days will have the whole family feeling warm and cozy with their crewnecks, shorts, fleece sweatshirts, and joggers. The best part is that they are a closed loop clothing brand which means that all of their clothes is reused and recycled. To read more about their sustainable model check here.

Stocking Fillers ✨

Below are a few of our favorite products that fit perfectly into a stocking. 

Pictured from top to bottom: Nebia Multi-Purpose HooksDoTerra essential oils to elevate your shower, Leaf RazorbyHumanKind Best Sellers SetBehave low-sugar candy, Touchland Sanitisers


Happy shopping and Happy Holidays from all of us at Nebia! 🎄🎅🏼

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