The softest and most sustainable Bath Mat, by Nebia

The softest and most sustainable Bath Mat, by Nebia

Today, we are introducing the Nebia Bath Mat. This is the world’s most sustainably made bath mat, and might be the world’s softest too. Indulge your feet and you’ll see what we mean. 

Nebia makes showers, so why are we making accessory products? The short answer is that we heard from our customers that they want to be more thoughtful about all of the products in their home. While we remain fixated on building the world’s best showers and saving as much water as possible, we couldn’t help ourselves from venturing further into the bathroom and improving other elements of our daily bathroom ritual. 

In doing so, our product design philosophy remained the same: reconsider every assumption about what makes a product great, apply a thoughtful eye for design and functionality, and innovate with materials and manufacturing processes to minimize our impact on the planet. 

Today, we’re announcing the Nebia Bath Mat, the softest and most luxurious bath mat, made from 70% reclaimed cotton. The Bath Mat joins our recently launched Shower Curtain & Liner and Hook Set to round out your Nebia bathroom.

Nebia Bath Mat

  • Ultra-plush and luxuriously soft. 
  • Made from 70% reclaimed cotton* and sown with a heathered weave to add extra density. 
  • *Cotton that is typically discarded in the spinning process.

    Nebia Shower Curtain & Liner

    • Elegant, hefty weight, and extremely functional.
    • Made from 100% recycled polyester and entirely free of PVC, with a durable water repellent coating. 41 recycled plastic bottles are used to make the curtain. 
    • Comes with liner and hooks pre-installed. Clip-on liner makes for easy washing, and removable magnets keep the curtain in place. 
    • Read more about how and why we developed the Shower Curtain & Liner here for shower curtain and liner process

    Nebia Hook Set

    • Sturdy, multi-purpose, and stylish.
    • Easy to install with reliable adhesive or screws. Sometimes you just need more places to hang towels, robes, and face masks. 


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