Tiny Home Love

Tiny Home Love

If you’re not familiar with the term, tiny home living is much more than simply living in a small space - it has become a movement. With the increasing desire for more environmentally and economically sustainable living, people are choosing to downsize their homes and live with less. 

There are many perks to going tiny, but here are some of the top reasons: 

  1. A smaller environmental footprint. A tiny home usually has a square footage between 100-400 meters, whereas the average American home is around 2,600 square feet. This means consumption of electricity, gas, and water in tiny homes is significantly lower. In fact, many tiny home owners live completely off the grid.
  2. Greater financial freedom. Living in a tiny home means you won’t have to worry about the burden of mortgage payments. 
  3. Less space to maintain. Cleaning a tiny home is a breeze because you have a lot less space to worry about! This frees up your time for other (more fun) things.
  4. Lower Expenses. Did you know that most Americans spend 1/3 to 1/2 of their income paying for the roof over their heads? A tiny home costs a lot less to build, allowing its owners to save a great deal of $.
  5. Greater connection to nature and the outdoors. Living in a tiny home often allows you to get closer to nature. Those with tiny homes on wheels frequently use their moving homes as a base to explore the great outdoors.
  6. Travel, travel, travel! Many members of the Tiny Home community live in converted school buses (called Skoolies), vans, and RVs. Having your home on wheels means you can take it wherever you go - and many tiny homers do just that!  

The Tiny Home Community and Nebia  

Tiny home living + Nebia showers are a match made in heaven. The tiny home community loves Nebia because a Nebia shower allows them to enjoy a luxurious shower experience while living off the grid. With up to 65% water savings compared to a traditional shower, they can ditch their old low-flow shower and their water tank lasts them much longer.

And the feeling is mutual! The Tiny Home community constantly inspires us with their eco-friendly and travel-filled lifestyle and their beautiful renovations. Check out some of our favorite tiny home bathrooms below!

@bicoastalbus ‘s bathroom is “so fresh & so clean” but most of all so beautiful!

Product: Nebia by Moen in Matte Black


We’re big fans of @goandlivefree‘s elegant and creatively concealed bathroom design. 

Product: Nebia by Moen in Matte Black

@haywardben's accent wall and beautiful floor tiles in a warm nude palette match perfectly with the cool gray tone of Nebia 2.0.

Product: Nebia by Moen in Matte Gray


Got a pup on board? No problem. The new Quattro Handshower is a great way to keep both you and your pup looking and feeling fabulous, just like @intheairwithblair and her pup.

Product: Nebia by Moen Quattro in Matte Black


Matching Matte Black fixtures AND a skylight? It doesn’t get much better than this bathroom from @rehabit8.

Product: Nebia by Moen in Matte Black

These stunning blue tiles give us Morocco vibes! If you want to see how @hopscotchtheglobe renovated their Airstream bathroom, check out their Youtube video.  

Product: Nebia by Moen in Matte Black


How dreamy is this? We would love to take a shower in @claysanabus‘s beautiful bathroom.

Product: Nebia by Moen in Spot Resist Nickel 


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