About Nebia

At Nebia, we have spent the past seven years building an entirely new shower concept. After many iterations, we believe we’ve come up with a shower experience that is better in every way.

Nebia is meticulously crafted to embody the highest standards of experience, design, and engineering, while setting a new standard for water and energy use. With water savings up to 65% compared to standard showers, Nebia was designed to make a meaningful impact.

Our team is driven by an obsessive passion for creating better experiences, as well as a core belief that we can be more responsible consumers of Earth’s most precious resources.

Through our company and the products we create, we hope to change how people interact with water in their daily lives and, in doing so, inspire a generation of people to innovate towards a more sustainable future.

We started Nebia with our first launch on Kickstarter. Here’s our video from our 3rd Kickstarter launch.

How It All Began


Nebia is born in Mexico City.

In 2010, Carlos was running a national health club chain and he started thinking of ways to reduce the water used by the club’s 25,000 daily visitors. With the help of his father Emilio, an engineer and lifelong tinkerer, they began to build prototypes. Not long after, Carlos met Philip. Philip had a passion for sustainability and was immediately intrigued by the challenge of building water-efficient showers that people would actually want to use.


Nebia moves to San Francisco

In 2014, Carlos and Philip moved to San Francisco to build a product that would resonate on a global scale. Here they met Gabriel, a mechanical engineer with a background in thermofluids who was captivated by the idea of building a product with a core technological challenge and a compelling impact on the planet. The Nebia team began to grow, bringing together thermofluids experts, product designers, and passionate storytellers. Nebia garnered feedback on how to improve prototypes with various pilot tests at Equinox Gyms, Stanford University, Google, and Apple.


Nebia Launches the Nebia Spa Shower

Five years after its conception, Nebia launched its first product on Kickstarter. Eight thousand three hundred backers from around the world empowered the team to take the Nebia Shower System from prototype to product.


Nebia Launches Nebia 2.0

After receiving feedback from thousands of shower lovers and countless hours in the wet lab, we launched the next-generation, Nebia 2.0. With Nebia 1.0 and 2.0, we're proud to say that we have elevated showers around the world and saved over 120 million gallons of water.

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Nebia launches Nebia by Moen™

By coupling Nebia’s atomization expertise with Moen’s world-class design and manufacturing capabilities, we created our most thoughtful, versatile, and accessible shower system yet. Our partnership with Moen will enable us to scale our technology like never before. We expect overall water savings from the Nebia community to reach 6 billion gallons of water by 2024.

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At Nebia, we are not only building products - we are building a movement.

Our vision is to scale our technology to reach areas of the world where sanitation and water conservation are most pressing. Nebia was born in the developing world and our goal has always been to make it affordable enough to go back.

Our Approach

Our Planet Needs Us More Than Ever

We’re shower lovers, but we hated how much water goes down the drain every single day. We knew there had to be a better way. Our future depends on conserving our water, but conservation cannot be the sole course we take to create meaningful change. This is why we started Nebia -- to reinvent the way we interact with water altogether.

Global population will grow by

2.5 billion people

by 2050, putting an immense strain on our water supply

Water demand is projected to

increase by 55%

globally from 2000 to 2050

Only 0.8% of our

global water supply

is usable.

Meet the Team

Alejandra Mafud

Marketing Product Manager

Brian Willkom

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Carlos Cherbowski

Business Operations Associate

Carlos Gomez Andonaegui

Co-Founder & Chairman

Gabriel Parisi-Amon

Co-Founder & CEO

Mauricio Orvañanos

Engineering Project Manager & Global Supply Manager

Max Peralta

Product Design Engineer

Philip Winter

Co-Founder, CMO & President

Ryan Maxwell

Business Operations Manager

Sarah Clark

Head of Content Marketing

Tom Murphy

R&D Engineer

Tyler Moser

Customer Experience Manager

Walter Gutiérrez Omedè

Performance Marketing Manager

Zarna Hart

Graphic Designer

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