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Forecast: Showers increasing steadily.

You've taken thousands of showers but never one like this. The Nebia Spa Shower will add pleasure to your day, every day.

One size fits all

Very few showers are designed to be used by people of different heights. The Nebia Spa Shower glides 25 inches up and down to customize the spray pattern for every member of the family so that it always fits just right.

Staying dry while getting soaked

The Nebia Spa Shower makes it delightfully easy to avoid getting your hair wet while soaking your body. With 45 degrees of movement, you can customize the spray and avoid firing up the blow dryer.

A magical wand

The Wand has just the right heft and grip as a hand shower. Paired with the Magnetic Dock, you can also position it at your preferred angle for none of the work, yet all of the pleasure.

The force is with you

Activate the Strength Mode for a more traditional sensation of pressure and water flow while still saving up to 60% of the water compared to a conventional shower.

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Frequently asked questions

Will the Nebia fit in my bathroom?

Nebia Spa Shower comes in matte anodized aluminum with a white, soft touch rubber finish; its sleek lines and futuristic feel look great in any bathroom.

In terms of literal fit, we recommend that water outlets are between 72 and 84 inches from the ground and at least 25 inches from temperature controls or any shelves/wall protrusions. In addition, your water outlet should be a minimum of 4 inches from the ceiling and 5 inches from the nearest wall. You can read more about the Nebia Spa Shower’s compatibility requirements here.

Will my Nebia require special cleaning or maintenance?

Nope! Each Nebia Spa Shower was built to improve your daily routine for years to come. Our design has been thoroughly tested and is prepared to withstand tens of thousands of uses. The system is durable aluminum on the outside and equipped with multiple layers of filtration to keep things running on the inside. If you have particularly sediment-heavy water, we’re always happy to send you a replacement inlet filter free of charge. To find out more about cleaning your Nebia please look here.

I like the concept but I’m skeptical, does this thing really work?

You’ve probably read that Nebia was engineered by a team of experts to provide you with a better shower experience. You may have also seen that Nebia’s spray has been precisely directed to maximize how much water comes in contact with your body. We achieve this, in part, because Nebia sprays millions of tiny droplets of water, which creates a larger water surface area and thus more coverage of your body. Our small but mighty droplets move at double the speed of standard shower drops, enabling them to easily push shampoo and conditioner out of even the thickest hair.

If you’re still skeptical (and live in the San Francisco area) come by our Show(er) Room to give it a try. Otherwise, give it a try knowing that you can take advantage of our 30-day no questions asked return policy.

What is the ideal setup for a Nebia Spa Shower?

While most bathrooms are compatible with Nebia, enclosed shower stalls offer the best experience. A shower stall that is enclosed on all four sides maximizes the steam shower feeling and keeps all of the hot air swirling around the shower-er. For this reason, we recommend enclosed stalls over other setups however, a stall with a curtain or a shower situated over a bathtub also provide great, Nebia experiences.