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Inventing the Shower of the Future

How do you create the sensation of more water while actually using less?

The secret is in the nozzles

Atomizing nozzles use pressure and geometry to control the dispersion and break up of fluid streams. Using the same software used to study jet engines, we modeled the fluid mechanics and thermal properties of the water as it flows out of Nebia’s nozzles.

While standard shower nozzles produce a straight stream of water with large droplets, our atomizing nozzles produce millions of droplets dispersed into precise patterns, optimizing the Nebia shower experience for temperature and rinsability and saving up to 65% of water compared to a standard shower.

Engineering an Experience

At the core of our flagship shower systems -- the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 and Nebia by Moen -- are atomizing spray nozzles that use our patented H2Micro™ technology to produce smaller, faster droplets than standard showers.

The result? Outstanding shower systems which have been engineered for optimal warmth, rinsing, and body coverage, while saving up to 65% of water compared to standard showers.

Our engineers are refining the droplet experience with a degree of precision and on a side of the spectrum that has never been explored in this industry before. In fact, Nebia showers control more droplets, more precisely, across more showers setups, than anyone else.

2X More Coverage

In the lab, we measure body coverage using the EPA WaterSense coverage test, which measures how much water from a shower falls into each of several concentric rings at a distance of 18” from the showerhead. At this distance, Nebia showers cover a diameter of 20”, 2X that of a standard 8” showerhead, and 2.5X the coverage of atomization-like showers from our competitors.

Spa-Like Sensation

Compared to other showers on the market, Nebia’s droplets are much smaller. The result is Nebia’s signature spa-like experience, which feels like an enveloping and immersive cloud of water droplets, steam, and air.

Better Rinseability

Our droplets travel faster than standard showers, providing more rinsing power per unit of water than any other shower on the market. We measure rinsing effectiveness using the EPA WaterSense Spray Force test, the Nebia designed Rinsing Efficiency test (as demonstrated in the video below), and anecdotally by talking to users. Nebia showers pass all three tests with flying colors.

Redefining your Shower Experience

Water Savings
$ Savings
Heat Savings

Compared to a standard shower, Nebia 2.0 saves up to 65% of water whereas Nebia by Moen saves up to 45%.

A family of 4 in San Francisco will save ~$863 / year on heating and water bills with Nebia 2.0 and ~$620 / year with Nebia by Moen.

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Compared to a standard shower, Nebia 2.0 saves 60% of the heating energy whereas Nebia by Moen saves 41%.

Real People.

Real Science.

Advanced Ergonomics
Attention to Detail
Water Technology

Paired with the magnetic dock (pictured here), the Wand helps target those hard-to-reach areas while delivering a fully immersive, 360 degree experience.

Nebia showers are meticulously crafted to embody the highest standards of experience, design, and engineering.

We've perfected the ideal combination of droplet size, spray pattern, and droplet velocity, resulting in a shower that feels warm and powerful while also enveloping and spa-like.

The Evolution of the Nebia Shower System


What is atomization?

Atomization is the process of breaking up water into small droplets. Nebia’s proprietary H₂Micro™ technology atomizes water into millions of micro droplets, enveloping you and creating a steam room feel inside your shower stall - the key to the spa-like experience and the massive water savings. It’s not magic, it’s science! 

How does Nebia by Moen compare to other atomization-like showers on the market?

Compared to other atomization-like showers on the market, Nebia’s droplets are smaller, creating a more immersive, spa-like sensation. Our droplets also travel faster, providing more rinsing power per unit of water consumed.

Finally, small droplets cool off faster than larger ones, but we’ve custom-designed the Nebia by Moen™ spray nozzles themselves, as well as their spatial arrangement, to ensure thermal comfort for all users.

To read more about Nebia by Moen’s water consumption and savings, experience, coverage, rinsing and temperature compared to other atomization-like showers, click here.

What are the key differences between Nebia by Moen and Nebia 2.0?

Nebia by Moen provides our most ever spray force and coverage, is our warmest shower yet, has 17” of vertical slide and an 8” showerhead with 8 total spray nozzles, at our lowest ever price point.

Nebia 2.0 saves the most water (up to 65%) with a finer-droplet, more spa-like experience, has 24” of vertical slide and a 10” showerhead with 13 total spray nozzles, and uses more premium materials.

To compare the specifications of the two showers, click here.