Technical Specifications



  • The hose between the Arm and Wand is 60" long.
  • The wand dock can be secured on all surfaces except slate.


To install Nebia, you need:

Water pressure:

≥ 35-80psi / 2.4-5.5bar

Water heater temperature:

≥ 115° F / 46° C (recommended)


  • A water inlet 1/2” NPT (or 1/2” BSPT) that exits from the wall
  • Clearance from the floor to the water inlet: between 72" / 183cm and 84" / 213cm (recommended).
  • Clearance between water inlet and ceiling: more than 9” / 23cm (recommended); 4" / 11cm (required).
  • Clearance between water inlet and temperature controls (or other wall obstacle) : 36” / 92cm is (recommended); 27" / 69cm (required).


The Head

The head delivers the perfect frame to nest the H2MICRO™ nozzles. With head rotation up to 45°, the head creates a whole new degree of versatility.

The Arm

The arm slides 27” up and down the bracket to customize the spray to your height.

The Bracket

The Bracket is the backbone of Nebia, and connects to your water supply.

The Wand

The Wand frames three nozzles with H2MICRO™ technology and can sit in any position on the Magnetic Dock or be hand held. The wand can be adjusted through the switch to turn on or off.

Additional Specifications

Weight7 pounds (3.2kg)
FinishMatte anodized aluminum
White rubber
Flow Rate0.75gpm /2.84 Lpm (regular mode)
Flow ControlYou can use the switch on the Arm to change between Regular and Strength mode for a more powerful rinsing experience.
In the Box
  • Nebia Shower System (Head/Arm/Bracket)
  • Wand with 60" hose and dock
  • Nebia pipe connections to female 1/2” NPT (or 1/2” BSPT based on country of delivery)
  • Teflon tape
  • Wall spacers
  • Installation guide