• Nebia Towel Set

Nebia Towel Set

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Save with the Nebia Towel Set!

The Nebia Towel is the world’s first towel created from a breakthrough upcycled textile. It provides everything you want from a towel, and more.

Our sustainable bath and hand towels are soft on the skin, quick-drying, and perfectly plush. 

  • The Nebia Towel Set includes 1 Bath Towel and 1 Hand Towel.

Core Features:

  • The world’s most sustainable bath and hand towel
  • Made from 30% upcycled fibers and 70% sustainably grown cotton
  • The Bath Towel is just the right amount of oversized
  • Plush and gentle on skin yet dries fully between uses
  • Antimicrobial properties reduce odor, enabling multiple uses between washes
  • Both the Bath Towel and the Hand Towel include a convenient hanging loop

Product Specifications:

  • Made with REFIBRA™ technology which takes discarded textiles and combines them with sustainably harvested wood and cotton
  • Require 95% less water during manufacturing than traditional cotton
  • OEKO-TEX certified (made with non-toxic materials)
  • 630 GSM
  • Bath towel size: 30 in x 60 in / 76 cm x 152 cm; Hand towel size: 15 in x 30 in / 38 cm x 76.2 cm


  1. What material is the Nebia Towel made from?
  2. The Nebia Towel is made from 70% sustainably grown cotton and 30% upcycled fibers. These upcycled fibers are made with REFIBRA™ technology which takes textiles destined for the landfill and combines them with sustainably harvested wood and cotton. Find out more here.

  3. How often should I wash the towels? How should I care for the towels?
  4. Washing frequency:

    We recommend washing your Nebia Towel about once per week.

    Care guidance:
    • Wash before first use.
    • Wash our towels with a warm cycle and dry with a medium cycle.
      • White towels can be washed hot if the soil-level is high.
      • Navy & gray towels can be washed cold if soil-levels are low.
    • Towels should be completely dry before removing them from the dryer.
    • Wash towels with similar colors.
    • Wash towels with other towels and not with clothing.
    • Avoid using fabric softeners as much as possible - once every few washes is okay.
    • Do not iron towels.
    • Hang towels properly after each use to dry effectively.
    • Make sure towels are dry before throwing them in a hamper.
  5. Are the towels pre-washed/pre-shrunk or will they continue to shrink with each wash?
  6. Our towels are not pre-washed nor pre-shrunk and they will shrink a bit in the wash/dry cycle. Being a mostly cotton product, you should expect a shrinkage of around 5% in the width and about 8% in the length, depending on how the towel is washed/dried.

  7. Are the towels hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin?
  8. Generally, Lyocell-based fibers are considered more hypoallergenic than cotton. Our towel is made of both types of fibers (TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers + cotton). If your skin handles cotton well, you should have no issues with our towels.

  9. How long will my Nebia Towel last?
  10. If properly cared for, the Nebia Towel should last more than 5 years. We machine-washed and machine-dried the towels 50 times each on a high temperature setting. The result? Fiber quality was maintained and the towels experienced minimal wear, shrinkage, and color loss.

  11. Shipping & returns
  12. See our Indiegogo campaign for information regarding shipment and returns.

The Refibra Process

The Nebia Bath and Hand Towels are made with the pioneering REFIBRA™ technology, which takes textiles destined for the landfill and combines them with sustainably harvested wood and cotton.

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