• The Lux Niquel

The Lux Niquel

$346.00 $407.00

Upgrade your bathroom with our ultimate Nickel shower set.

Our fingerprint-proof Spot Resist Nickel Nebia by Moen Shower paired with our Brushed Nickel Shelf bring an ultra-premium look and feel to any bathroom. When finished, towel off on our Quick-Dry Earth Mat and watch as it magically dries before your eyes.

Bundle Features:

  • Maintain a brilliant finish by preventing fingerprints and water spots with Moen's trademarked finish.
  • An immersive, spa-like sensation and steam-like effect.
  • 81% more powerful than other water-saving showers.
  • Feel the earth under your feet when you step onto our anti-slip and naturally anti-microbial Quick-Dry Earth Mat.
  • Declutter your shower in style with the Nebia Shelf.

Bundle Specifications:

  • Nebia by Moen: 17” vertical slide, tiltable showerhead, and swiveling arm for a customizable shower experience; Flow rate as low as 1.3 gallons-per-minute.
  • Shelf: Made from high-quality aluminum, this sleek and functional shower shelf can be easily installed in just a few minutes.
  • Earth Mat: Naturally anti-microbial & mold resistant; Ribbed lines for a massage feeling.
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